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Answer to frequently asked questions that you're asking. 


How do I place an order?
There are several ways to place an order: online, via mail or fax. In online mode you must add products to shopping cart using the button 'Add' present in every product showcase. Every time you purchase the system back to the top of the page to allow you at any time to check the contents of the 'basket' and, if you have finished selecting products to purchase, going to proceed 'Checkout' (see 'Next' botton). In this last step you will be asked for information about how Shipping and payment plus other information in order to send and invoice.
With regard to the other two methods (email and fax) ask you to provide information that will enable us to process your order correctly, ie:
- Code number and description of products and quantity
- Shipping Address
- Email
- Telephone/Mobile Numbers
- Fiscal Data (if you have)

Is there a minimum order?
For international orders, we normally ship when the order value is more than € 50.00.

How can I change an order already confirmed (but not shipped)?
You can send an e-mail indicating the changes to be made.

How can I check the progress of my order?
By e-mail to notify you of the various states of progress of the order. At a time when the package is passed to the courier we send you the tracking number so that you can continue to monitor your shipment.

Is it possible to receive an invoice for my order?
Each order is billed and attached in the package so you can see what you have been sent. At any time you can request a copy of the invoice.

Is it possible to cancel an order?
Certainly, however, if the cancellation is made within a reasonable time and in any case before it is entrusted to us by the carrier.
Just promptly contact our Help Desk by email at

I can pay immediately after you place the order?
It would be better to wait for a confirmation, to avoid paying an amount in excess of the amount due. Normally Partytime have a big stock of all products, but actually being in the system in continuous movement could be that, at a certain moment, a product is not covered by the necessary inventory.


What are your time to process your order?
The time of order processing is a few hours. After you have notified payment, your order should be with you on or before 2/3 working days.

How often are your shipments?
Shipments are made daily, except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

I can be contacted by the courier prior to delivery?
The carrier is not required to call before delivery, if not for directions on how to reach the destination. However, you can check the progress of your shipment via the link contained in the email you send when your post will be given to the courier.

Can I ask for delivery at a specific time?
The carrier may make delivery in the morning or in the afternoon at their discretion, but not in a fixed time.

If at the time of delivery of the package I'm not at home what happens?
In the absence of the receiver at the time of delivery the courier will leave a notice of passage indicating the toll free number that will allow you to agree, without additional charge, a delivery.


How can I pay?

PAYPAL. Paypal is a fast and secure payment system that allows you to pay directly without the need to communicate your banking information over the Internet. By choosing to pay with PayPal, the amount is debited directly from your account (if you have one) or you can pay by just providing the details of your credit card (it is not mandatory to have an account).
When you choose to pay by this method Partytime will send you, together with the order confirmation, the email request payment via Paypal. In the email is a link that will allow you to make the payment. Once you complete the payment within a few minutes the Paypal will notify you and us of the payment.

To pay by credit card must have an account with Paypal?
Is not necessary. You can pay with your credit card going in the appropriate section characterized by the typical icons representing credit cards. This section is on the same page where Paypal requires username and password.


The products are all available on your site?
In general, all products are available, except that announces the possible stock out. Finding, however, to operate in a climate of constant movement can happen that some product, available at the time of purchase, is no longer available at the time of confirmation. In this case the Partytime contact you to see if the product can arrive on time, or to propose alternatives.

The colors that I see in the pictures are absolutely faithful to reality?
The images on the site are very often provided by the manufacturers, who feel that they are indicative, in addition, each computer has a different ability to display color. Each product offered by Partytime is still presented in the colors (and in general appearance) as close as possible to reality.

The prices include VAT?
All prices listed on the site include italian VAT (21%).